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Relocating Telephone Systems


Move Exisiting Phone System

If your business is relocating, you have a lot to coordinate. Take one thing off your plate by allowing Banner Technologies to move your existing phone system. Our skilled technicians are experts at relocating telephone systems and can relocate your phone systems quickly so you will not have to experience any downtime. We can provide you with all of the voice and data cabling you need in your new office so you will be ready to start working as soon as the new office opens. To move existing phone system give us a call today.

Need the Job Done Right?

If you want a smooth relocation, you need the job done right and Banner Technologies has the necessary resources and knowledge to make it happen. All of our highly trained technicians follow EIA/TIA and BICSI installation standards, so you can have confidence that the job is done right.


Every one of our technicians has at least five years of experience, so you do not have to worry when you use Banner Technologies. We have a reputation for providing excellent service to each one of our clients, and we will help make your transition a smooth one.


Analyze, Understand, Incorporate

Banner Technologies knows each location is different, which is why we analyze each location and come up with the plan needed to do move the telecommunications system. There are different requirements at different locations, and by understanding that, we are able to relocate the telecommunications system without a hitch.


What System is Right?

Relocation is also a great time to examine your system. Are you running the system that is right for your business? Allow our engineers to look at the plans for the new office and analyze your business to see if you have the best system. When you relocate, make sure you relocate with the right system. If you would like any changes made, we can easily make them during the relocation process. Then, you can open up your new office with the phone system that is right for your business.


Relocating Telephone Systems-Downtime is Money Lost

Why do you need your telecommunications system up quickly? Downtime is money lost. Any time your phone network is not working, money will be lost. What happens when the opening date for a new office is on Monday and the phones are not working? Will your clients understand or will they become frustrated and call another company?


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