Phone Systems

Without a doubt, Avaya and Nortel bring the best reliability and innovation to your telecommunications system. We have a large inventory of Avaya and Nortel phone systems that are ready to be deployed at any given time. Our certified technicians will plan and install your next generation phone system.

The Best Phone Systems

You need the best for your business, which is why you need Banner Technologies. We believe in technology you can count on for a price you can afford. Our solutions are innovative and affordable, so businesses of all sizes can receive a top of the line phone system.

Solutions for Large and Small Businesses

With our large inventory of Avaya and Nortel products, we have phone systems for all business sizes. A business of 100 people will not need the same phone system as a business with 1,000 people. We will design and develop the right system for you and outfit it with Avaya and Nortel systems.

We will also allow your company to grow. We will develop an infrastructure for your business that will allow for growth, so you will not have to purchase a new phone system if your business expands.

Our engineers are experienced at developing systems that expand with the business. This saves companies time and money, along with a headache. Imagine having to change your phone system every time your business grew? Use Banner Technologies so you will not have to do that.

Needs Assessed Phone Systems

The size of your business is not the only thing we take into consideration. We will install the Avaya or Nortel system you need based on your business need.

Your operation and strategy of your business is important when designing a phone system. By knowing the how your business operates, we can design a custom system that will allow your business to function more efficiently.

Function is not all we consider when looking at business need. You need a system that is affordable., and we can help you fill that need. Do you need a system that will help you with customer interactions? We can design a system to fulfill that need as well.

No matter what your need or function, we have the solution. We have a wide range of products, and with our custom designs, we are able to provide services for countless situations and needs.

Need Networking Help?

We can also design a system with our Avaya and Nortel equipment for networking. Do you need to be networked with other offices? We can network your communications system seamlessly so you will be able to easily communicate from one office to the next.

Networking does not have to be a difficult process. We can design, develop and install your network in no time, which means your office will not have to wait to get all of the benefits. Why wait when you can have your needs met quickly?

With Banner Technologies, you can consider it done. We have the equipment and skills necessary to provide you with the telecommunications system for your business.

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